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Our body needs a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and foods to survive, but there is one thing that is more important than those. It’s called Oxygen or 02. Our Liquid Oxygen Drops support cellular health-improving energy and overall wellbeing.


Sterling Liquid Oxygen drops supplement is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to all bodily tissues which result in more energy and an improvement to their overall health and wellness by keeping the body running at peak efficiency.


Consuming Sterling Liquid Oxygen Drops is an excellent way to tap into your natural energy, without the crash effects from caffeine or energy products. It's a fantastic pre-workout supplement and increases your stamina and endurance


Our brains need oxygen to function properly, remember and think. Our Sterling Liquid Oxygen drops will boost your brain function, improve your memory and help focus.


All bacterial pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic and thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, oxygen is poison to them. Even cancer cells perish with abundant oxygen. We’ve received a number of testimonials on using “Sterling Liquid Oxygen” to treat over 50 ailments like Asthma, cancer, tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, pneumonia, e.t.c


Our highly concentrated and potent Sterling liquid oxygen Drops supplement is safe to use undiluted directly on the skin, Use 2 -3 drops twice a day if you suffer from Acne, or have any bites, burn, or bumps on your skin.


Oxygen plays a vital role in the function of your immune system. Every cell in the body needs oxygen for life and energy. When there is insufficient oxygen to support a healthy cell, the cell’s metabolism turns to sugar metabolism, which creates metabolic distress. When there’s enough oxygen in the cells, pathogenic anaerobic bacteria cannot multiply, grow or survive. When levels of oxygen are higher in the cells, the oxygen can destroy the harmful bacteria. When you start using Sterling Liquid Oxygen drops, you may notice the benefits within minutes, and your body could feel the same way as it would if you were standing by the seaside


Sterling Liquid Oxygen Drops is water-stable but can lose its efficacy under certain conditions.
Organic matter (like food, juice, and milk), as well as some medications and other supplements, contain reactive ingredients that can weaken the oxygen bonds in our liquid oxygen drops.

Use 30 minutes before or 1 hour after eating or taking anything else.

Liquid Oxygen Drop

₦35,000 ₦40,000
save ₦5,000

A Bottle of Liquid Oxygen Drop

₦35,000 ₦50,000
Save ₦10,000

Liquid Oxygen Drop

₦35,000 ₦40,000
Save ₦5,000

Dramatically boost energy levels

“Oxygen is the key to life, health, and longevity.”
Dramatically boost energy levels
Help strengthen immune system
Heighten concentration and alertness

Help with inflammatory conditions

Exert calming effect on the nervous system
Help relieve headaches
Reduce symptoms of hangovers
Assist the liver in cleansing itself of toxins

Track your health. Start with your heart.

Increase Energy

Assist the body in the removal of cellular debris and free radical toxins
Improve blood circulation
Promote faster recovery from injury, stress or strenuous exercise
Promote weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning

Improves Skin Conditions

Use for skin and acne care – repair damage and improve skin appearance and texture
Promote healing and provide relief for rashes, bug bites, sunburns and first-degree burns

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